f8worksbothways (f8worksbothways) wrote in vaginapagina,

getting ready for losing virginity

Hi, first time poster...been reading for awhile :)

Okay, so I'm a virgin and I haven't had much fingering from my other partners/fwb in the past...since I prefer clitoral stimulation. So, I'm obviously pretty tight!
I just ended my period saturday and started on birth control so I suggested to my bf that maybe we should try to stretch me out down there because I want to have sex after I've been on the pill for a little bit.

soo...here are my questions(i looked at the memories and didn't see these questions asked in particular..)

1. Is it best to do the stretching over a week or so...or better to do it in a shorter period? (I'm sure that will hurt more though if I go the 2nd route..)

2. also, I'm not too sure of the long lasting results of stretching, to prepare myself for sex? How long of a break between  does it take for me to become tight again?

thanks to everyone in advance!!!
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