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Bleeding after colposcopy

 Hi VPers!

I'm pretty sure this is my first post in this community, but I'm a pretty big lurker...

I had a colposcopy on Tuesday (so 6 days ago). My gyno told me to expect light bleeding/spotting for a couple of days afterwards. I was expecting it, because I had a colposcopy late last year and had spotting for about 3 days. This time, it's still going, and I think it's getting heavier. I'd still call it spotting at this point - only enough for a panty liner every 4 hours or so, but it's enough to be bothering me.

Now, it's a public holiday here tomorrow (Monday, stupid Queen's Birthday!) and besides the fact that I have to work, the gyno office won't be open. I'm going to call up first thing Tuesday morning to check in with him and make sure I don't need to go back in. Should I be worried? I'm not bleeding buckets, but I seriously just finished my period a week ago and am on Loette. I'm sick of bleeding and I want to have sex with my boyfriend!!
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