Brigitte Fires (brigittefires) wrote in vaginapagina,
Brigitte Fires

Underwear ... daily and for running?

Ok, here's something a little off the beaten path...

I started running, and after I got rid of the shin splints and the arch pain and such, and as I started going a bit faster and further, I started becoming more aware of issues with my underwear.

I ONLY wear cotton underwear. I have had yeast issues for years and I'm paranoid, so except for very special occasions, it's all cotton, all the time. I'm starting to think this is a mistake, because the more wet cotton becomes, the less it breathes--survivalist and naturalist research seems to suggest other materials that wick away moisture over cotton, especially after you get wet*, and I'm starting to wonder if that would help.

* Trivia tip: wet cotton will keep you 30% colder than being naked, because your body has to work extra-hard to dry the cotton, and your body can't breathe through the wet cotton.

Anyway, so there's that. Plus when I'm running or walking great distances I have to lube up my bum-crack to keep it from chafing which is now adding moisture to the area. When I wear the boyshorts I have, there is WAY too much fabric going on between my thighs for running, and when I wear the cotton briefs there is a spot on the pantyline right in my thigh-pit at the back that is starting to rub uncomfortably. Worth noting is that I MUST be careful to run in pants that come up to my crotch, so my thighs don't rub (I tried switching to boyshorts, but they don't come down far enough).

THE QUESTION: What kind of underwear can I wear that will allow me to run without causing vaginal health issues for a sensitive person, that will also stop the chafing?

ETA Bonus Question: Any suggestions for good detergents/processes for hand-washing really expensive sports bras and underwear? I wash my sports bra about every other time I run (and now, bike), to try to keep the gunk from building up on the band.
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