io2012 (io2012) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bladder cramping?

So the relevant background info I can think of is: 

1. I have a history of irregular/absent/heavy/painful periods
2. I currently have a Paragard IUD and am on 500mg/day Metformin for....
3. Atypical PCOS (HWP, do not have high progesterone/DHEA, just high testosterone and low Sex Hormone Binding Immunoglobin)
4. 1yr history of L-sided pelvic pain and hemorrhagic/endometrioma? cysts on my L ovary. 

So the endometriosis diagnosis is on the table. I have tested negative for STDs that would cause PID (via cervical swab), yeast, BV, and urine dips for UTIs. I recently talked to a new primary care doc, and based on some questions he asked me about bowel movements and voiding urine, he said it's likely I have endometriosis involvement on my bowel and/or bladder. Over the past day I have been getting sharp cramps over the left side of my mons pubis (where my pubic hair "patch" is) that sometimes shoot down into my groin. It's a little different than my "normal" left sided pelvic pain in that it's lower, and usually if I have pain this low the area directly over my left ovary already hurts. I've been noticing lately that my pelvic pain increases as my bladder fills (although it always hurts over my left ovary) and also during terminal urination (like the last second or two of peeing).

For those of you who have experienced bladder infections and/or endometriosis, does this sound like it could be pain from endometriosis? Or maybe something is going on with my bladder? Basically, if it's endo, I am not going to bother going to the doctor because I'm waiting on a specialist appt to schedule a diagnostic laproscopy and they will just give me pain killers until that happens. However, if it's more likely a bladder problem, I am all about getting to a doctor before it gets worse. It's pretty uncomfortable today (4-5/10, and it seemed to come on somewhat out of the blue - I've sometimes had this pain come and go, but it appears to be here to stay today. :-( 
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