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Traumatized after pap

After having major anxiety, I finally got my first pap done this morning. My doctor was nothing but wonderful. She asked if I knew what was going to happen and explained everything to me. My fiance held my hand the whole time and the exam was over before I knew it. Fast forward to this evening. The boy and I are fooling around and everything's going great. As soon as he puts his hand between my legs I burst into tears and say I don't want to be touched. He stops and asks if I'm okay. I say I don't feel sexual, I don't want to be touched. The only thing I can think that's any different then every other day is I had a pap done this morning. I've been slightly emotional all day and just chalked it up to pms. But this sudden freak out about my own genitals is concerning. For the record, I've never been sexually assaulted/abused and have never had any sort of negative reaction when my fiance has touched me. I'm not really sure what's going on and the only thing I could think of was to come to you lovely folks and see if anyone could shed some light on this. Tyvm in advance. <3
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