the Biz (riot_gurl_86) wrote in vaginapagina,
the Biz

Long "heavy" period question

Hey all,
I was wondering if any one else has had this happen, or...I don't know, maybe I just need reassurance that my body isn't just revolting against me right now. :)

I started my period on Monday (I'm on Levora, I stack, normally pretty light periods, usually from Monday til Friday, when I start the new pack/week) and it started out pretty normal for me. Then, yesterday evening, I started bleeding bright red, rather heavily. I used the quotes, because it's heavy for me, but probably not heavy for most (I generally have light periods, to the point where a panty liner/lite tampon is plenty of coverage for me). It's been like this since last night, and I've started the new pack already.

I'm wondering if it's all out of whack because my manager at work and I have a tendency to sync our periods, and she's still going strong on hers (we're that close, haha).

I've had a really long period (close to two weeks) last winter, and my doc told me it was just my body's way of telling me I had gone too long with out taking a break--which made sense, as I had skipped my period for about 6 months, rather than my usual 3 or so.

So, I guess my question is---does the syncing of periods make sense to anyone? Or am I falling apart from the inside out (joke)?

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