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Pap smear guidelines in the US

Hey folks =)

What exactly are the guidelines for pap smears in the united states? All of my doctors have firmly pushed the "once a year" timeline, but I keep reading that the guidelines actually say every three years. Is this misinformation or is this true? Reasoning for my question under the cut for potential triggers.


If the guideline is, in fact, every three years, how exactly do I go about emphasizing with my doctor that I would like to adhere to that, rather than this made up "once a year" stuff? My very first experience with a gyno and papsmears was extremely traumatic and resulted in internal bodily issues and even bigger mental issues for quite awhile. I've since found a pretty great gyno that treats me respectfully and makes the process as swift and non-eventful as she can, but even that's triggering for me because her awesomeness just reminds me that I should not have had to experience what I did with my first gyno. Although I can deal with the exam with only about a day of panicky, uncomfortable, weepy feelings afterwards, if I could only have that day every three years instead of every year, that would obviously be preferred.

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