aliaswho (aliaswho) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC missed pills

I think I figured this out, but every time I double check myself, my brain gets tied in a knot, so I'd like to ask this lovely group to be sure.

I took 2 extra pills by mistake from a new pack (I had skipped my period using 2 packs, and for two days forgot that I'd decided to let myself have a break. Silly.), so I took 44 active pills in all (21 + 21 + 2). As long as I start my new pack (which is missing 2 pills) by Sunday, I will have had no more than 7 days without active pills.

So, as long as I go no more than 7 days without active pills, I will be protected for the next 19 days with the remaining pills in this new pack. And then I will also be protected for 7 inactive pill days after those 19 active pill days. It will be the NEXT pack that I need to worry about using a back-up method for 7 days.


Thank you! It's been a long day and I will feel much better having a second opinion from such an educated group.
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