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Possible BV

 Hi VPers, I posted the other day with my symptoms and everything seems to come back to BV. As I explained, the inside of my vagina feels swollen, puffy and I'd even say lumpy, especially the top just past the entrance. You can feel it's different than usual, swollen, before even entering, like it's blocked. Today it seems worse and I have now finished my period so I am booking an appointment for tomorrow with a female doctor. I have never ever had anyone look down there apart from my boyfriend as he is my first. I'm really nervous. I don't know how I will relax myself when she takes a sample. Will it be painful? Also my cervix seems incredibly low at the moment, will that cause problems? Will she turn me away? Should I definitely stay away from sex until I know what the problem is or will it be okay with a condom? Thanks..
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