Emma Leigh (amhranai9) wrote in vaginapagina,
Emma Leigh

Spotting on Lutera

I've recently started the pill again (after a year-long hiatus in which I didn't get a period at all because I have PCOS).  Planned Parenthood has me on Lutera (I requested a monophasic pill), which I have never been on before.

Just finished my third pack, and should be getting my third period, but so far it's only light spotting.  This is totally abnormal for me when I am on birth control.  My first two periods on Lutera started sooner, and I bled an average amount.

I have been sexually active - but my partner uses condoms, and I am very good about my pill-taking schedule (and what with the PCOS I rarely - if ever - ovulate naturally anyway) so pregnancy seems pretty unlikely.

Should I be at all concerned about this unusually light flow?
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