Jennifer Leigh (blueyed_turtle) wrote in vaginapagina,
Jennifer Leigh

first-time poster

Hi fellow vagina owners.
My first time posting here and I've been trying to figure out a way to phrase my concern in a way that makes sense. I feel this kind of ... tingling in the southern region a lot. Almost in a way that I am aroused. Even in the most mundane, random situations that are not sexually motivated.

It's almost like I need to use my vibrator to get some kind of relief because it's really annoying and almost uncomfortable. I've done some reading and I've come across with 'persistent arousal disorder/syndrome' and I seem to fit the bill. But the only thing is I don't have an orgasm unless it's motivated by the vibrator (I've read that those who have PAD have orgasms with it).

It's weird because it's like this...sensation is telling me I need to be penetrated to find relief. It's a little embarrassing and just uncomfortable sometimes because it comes up and I look like I'm doing the potty dance.

Any advice would be much appreciated! :)
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