in_this_love (in_this_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

peace of mind-- Nuvaring

Hi VPers!

I feel stupid, but I just need some comforting. I recently got 4 new packs of my NuvaRing from a new PP location & just put the first in. It just seemed... different? Maybe more flexible or light or I guess what I would describe as "cheaper." I am sure this is in my head but just wanted to double check if there's something I don't know that could compromise it's protection. It was sealed in the exact same Nuvaring packet & I brought it straight from the drive home to my house. My room gets kind of hot but it was sitting on my dresser and I can't imagine that temperature is unreasonably hot. Any thoughts?

Also, does it bother anyone that you just don't *know* if it is working & there is no way to check? I have trusted HBC for 4 years as my only protection, but it still freaks me out.

Thank you

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