kat swansey (katswansey) wrote in vaginapagina,
kat swansey

periods and pregnancy

I feel so ridiculous asking this question. I over analyze everything and I just need some help putting my mind at ease. you all were very helpful last time, so hopefully you can help me this time to!

I am currently on my period, on day three or so. my periods usually only last four - five days. the first day being light, second day being incredibly heavy, third day being moderate, and fourth being mostly dry. last night my boyfriend and I had sex. when we have sex while I am on my period, my flow gets heavier and my period will last maybe a day more, so bringing it to six days or so. however, last night he came inside of me, and today I am nearly dry. so dry to the point where it hurts to pull a tampon out because after five or so hours, there is only a couple of drops of blood.

I know it's too soon to be pregnant, especially considering since I am on birth control and currently on my period. but like I said, I over analyze and it's very strange my period has just... disappeared.


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