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Lots of Period-Related Questions

 First of all, please forgive me if these are stupid questions.  I've had PCOS for all of my period-having years, so I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to how things are supposed to work.  

So, yeah, PCOS.  Highly irregular and infrequent periods.  I took Yasmin for many years to regulate.  In 2008, I got married and started TTC.  Eventually had to seek infertility treatment.  Finally conceived and gave birth last May.  I breastfed on demand and got my first period when my son was 11 months.  It was a weird period.  7 days of light flow, followed by 10 days of heavy flow, then a few more days of tapering off.  About a week after that period ended, I went to see my OBGYN about getting on birth control and spironolactone (for unwanted hair).  She told me to take a pregnancy test in a week, and then another a week from then.  If I wasn't pregnant and didn't get a period by then, I was to start Provera for 7 days to bring on a period, and then start the birth control when that period started.  I ended up having to go the Provera route, since a period never came naturally.  Took Provera May 27th - June 2nd.  Period started June 4th, and I started OrthoTriCyclen.  The period has been BRUTAL.  I've had lots of cramps, I feel very lethargic, and the bleeding is very heavy.  I can soak through a super tampon in about 2 hours.  When I use the bathroom, the entire contents of the toilet bowl is pink-red.  I've passed some clots, too, though nothing super big.

Anyway, here are my questions.

1.  Is it normal for your period to become heavier postpartum?  Both of these periods have been heavier than anything I had before.
2.  How much bleeding is too much?  In other words, do I need to call my doctor?
3.  How long does it take for BCP to be effective?  I'm in no mood for sex with all this bleeding, but I'd like to resume activities as soon as the bleeding ends.  
4.  How come I had to wait for a period to start BCP anyway?

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