Jessica (galaxy_soup) wrote in vaginapagina,

Stroke-like symptoms?

This is really only tangentially vagina related (and maybe not related at all) but I don't know where else to turn :(

I've been suffering from depression that seems to be related to hormones/my menstrual cycle for years. I started taking Triqular HBC a year ago, and that's helped relieve the symptoms, but sometimes I'll still have a bad bout of depression symptoms near the middle of my cycle. At really bad times, this makes my head hurt and my body feel strange. Until now I've just assumed this has to do with whatever hormones are triggering my depression and just wait it out for however many hours or days it lasts.

Today, though, something really strange happened. My head had been hurting/feeling weird since around 9 am. At around 7 I asked my friend to go for a walk, except it was hard to talk. She said while we walked about for about thirty minutes, my speech was slurred, and my right arm didn't seem to move at all, but I kept oddly rubbing my face with my left hand and clenching my fingers. I don't remember that or the walk we took at all :[ When the symptoms finally started to wear off, I was confused about how much time had passed and where we were.

The internet is telling me these symptoms are a possibly a mini-stroke. But it's strange because most of the depression that I'd been feeling for the past 24+ hours is gone, and my head still hurts a little, but mostly I just feel tired and worried. Has anyone else experienced this?

I want to go to the hospital, but unfortunately in Tokyo the only service available after 4 pm is like first aid :( I can't find any english speaking doctors at this hour and even though I like to think my Japanese is good, there's no way I could explain this clearly.
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