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Bad experience with last pap test, nervous about next checkup

So, I've been having some irregular bleeding for the past couple weeks, and figure I should get it checked out in case it's something serious, and I had unprotected sex a few months ago (but have had normal periods since then, before the weird bleeding started). However, I haven't had any sort of pap/STD testing done in 3 years, due to my last experience with it being particularly bad. It'll be with the same doctor too, but I'm home for the summer, and can't go to the school clinic, and he's my family doctor so it's really the only option. I'm incredibly nervous, and do not want a repeat of what happened last time, and really just need some advice about how to prevent it. Here's what happened (under a cut for potential longness, ranting, and due to the fact that I don't like talking about this, and feel better if it's not "out in the open", so to speak:

So three years ago, I was still living at home, and my mother suggest that I start getting pap/STD tests, and I agreed. Now at this point, I'd only had sex once, with a condom, so I thought I didn't have anything to worry about. The testing itself went fine, my doctor was very proffesional, etc, but not long after, he told me to come into his office to talk to him...and told me I had chlamidia (which I've forgotten how to spell). I was obviously upset and embarrased about it, considering I was barely sexually active, and wanted to get it fixed, and never speak of it again. He prescribed me antibiotics and sent me on my way, and I figured the whole thing was over with. Well, apparently not.

About a week later, I came home, and my mother told me that the health department had called my house wanting to speak with me. I immediately freaked out, thinking that they'd found something else wrong with me. It was too late to call them back, so I spent a whole sleepless night freaking out, thinking that I had something horrible, and that I was going to die. I'd honestly never been so freaked out in my life. Anyway, they called back again the next day, and the phone called basically consisted of an overly perky woman saying "Hi, I hear you have chlamidia!", and then proceeded to lecture me in a condescending tone about how I should use condoms (even though I y'know, did). I had honestly never been so embarrased in my life.

I feel like the whole thing was something I shouldn't make a big deal out of, but it really upset me. This woman called me on my parent's home number, to discuss something I didn't want to. I did not give her permission to do this, and my doctor never warned me that the freaking health department was going to contact me. I wrongfully assumed that this was a private matter between me and him, and I still feel like he betrayed me by giving me no choice or warning about this phone call. I haven't been back since because of that, and I honestly could have gone without ever being tested again, were it not for the fact that I started bleeding lightly two weeks ago, and it hasn't stopped.

Now, in the three years since I've last beeen tested, I've had several sexual partners, and one instance of unprotected sex, so I'm completely terrified that I have another STD, and the last thing I want is another one of those phone calls (to my parent's house no less). I'm not very good at confronting people, but I feel like I need to mention the phone call to him, and if he says he's going to do it again, I'm afraid I'll just flat out refuse to have any tests done. I don't want to jeopardize my health, but I really don't trust this doctor anymore, and I don't know what to say to him about the whole thing. Three years after the fact, I'm still mildly traumatised from the experience, and the fact that I'll probably have to face a pap test in a few days is freaking me out. Any advice about the situation, and tips about what to say to this doctor would be incredible helpful, because I am NOT looking forward to this.
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