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Non-hormonal birth control?

Hey everyone! First off I want to apologize for the empty account, I've been a member of the community for years but I just didn't want to post on my normal account.

I'm going to try to make my back story as brief as possible. I'm a 19 year old female virgin and I've been on the pill on and off for a number of years to help control issues I've had with my cycle. My boyfriend lives on the other side of the country and after years and years of being close, he's finally able to come visit me and he'll be here in just over two weeks (yay!). My problem is that a few weeks ago, I was admitted to the hospital because of a blood clot in my leg that had formed due to the birth control I was on and it's been a long, hard recovery process. I haven't been able to walk for weeks and though I am finally getting better, I won't ever be able to use hormonal birth control again. I've already talked to my doctor about getting a copper IUD for the long term as that seems like the safest option, but the problem is that I probably won't be able to get one in before he arrives and I'm concerned that even if I do, I'll be in too much discomfort to have sex. I'm very, very cautious and I'm so worried about pregnancy as that is seriously the last thing I need right now haha, but I do need to get laid. So my questions to you are...

1. For women who have had copper IUDs, what's the insertion/recovery experience like for you? I've heard it really varies, but I'd still like to hear your stories!

2. What are your other preferred birth control options? Condoms and spermicide are a given for me, but what are some of your favourites?

Thank you so much in advance. I've been so stressed out about this and any advice is really appreciated. I've waited longer than any of my friends to have sex  because it finally seems like the right time and I was not planning on having to give up the pill a month beforehand, haha. Thank you!

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