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I'm not 100% sure this is girlybits related but I know you superstars are full of womanly wisdom so I come seeking advice on an issue I've been having.

Some background for you: I have surgically diagnosed endometriosis, fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, IBS,  depression/anxiety, chronic tension headaches and migraines, a suspicion of undiagnosed thyroid issues, and a general frustration with the medical community. I've also recently been having difficulty with a random uprising of acne issues. I currently take 60mg Cymbalta daily, 50mg Lyrica 2x daily, 50mg Topamax 2x daily, 2000IU VitD daily, 30mg isotretinoin (Accutane) 2x daily, a daily multi, calcium, magnesium, and a B complex, and 150mg Depo-provera every 3 months. I had my laparoscopy for my endo in December 2009.

Since my lap my endo symptoms were drastically reduced and I have felt so much better (in terms of that, at least... I mean... FFS...). But after almost a year and a half of relief, I've begun having abdominal cramps recently and I can't be sure of the source. At first I thought it was the IBS acting up, or perhaps a side effect of the isotretinoin treatment for that dratted acne (I'm 24!!!). But as I feel it out I can't help wondering if it is the endo beginning to act up again. This is way too soon - I can't go through another surgery this soon, and I really want this all to just go away...

Lately I've been infuriatingly exhausted too. Zero spoons. Obviously this could be the fault of any number of things. And when I go to the doc and complain what does he do? Take some basic blood work, declare that it is all normal, and send me home. Jerk.

What would VP do? Any advice for me superstars?
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