. (theflamewithin) wrote in vaginapagina,

Strange Period/Possible Pregnancy?

I've been off birth control ten months now after I stopped being sexual active regularly. My periods got into a normal routine very quickly and I could tell physically very easily when I was going to get it. I also started tracking using my cervical mucus and that was extremely predictable. The past three months though it's changed quite a bit.

In the beginning of April I had protected sex the day I ovulated. As I said we used protection but when he pulled out the condom stayed inside me. It wasn't stuck though and to me it looked as if everything had stayed inside. I was a little worried but it didn't bother me that much. My period came as usual, but it was extremely light which was really odd to me since I usually need super plus tamps and I hardly filled up regular ones.

Now I am over 20 days late for my next period and I'm starting to wonder about pregnancy chances. My cervical mucus hasn't changed since that period (no ovulation from what I could tell) and is always the light mucus that breaks easily. Every once in a while it will be brown, like old blood but usually it's the normal creamy white. Lately I've been very gassy and the last few days feeling 'full' all the time. My breasts are not sore but I have nipple piercings that are lymphing like crazy. I've also been extremely tired.

I'm worried if I am pregnant because I admittedly binge drink at least three times a week, something that is obviously damanging to the fetus. I'm worried too if I'm not pregnant what could be causing such a dramatic change in my cycle. Any ideas?
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