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Swollen vaginal walls

 I noticed a couple of months ago during my period, at the start, that the walls of my vagina (especially top and bottom, not really the sides) were really swollen/puffy. I use the mooncup every month and have done for about a year now with no problems, but recently for the first couple of days it is almost impossible to get it in. On about the 4th day of my period, I manage to use my mooncup ok. I don't really check down there during the rest of the month as it's left my mind by the end of my period, but this month it's more swollen than usual, I can only fit one finger and the mooncup was definitely impossible. I'm on the 4th day now and I've managed to use it but with difficulty and it's still very swollen. I've never had this problem before, my vagina has always been healthy! Although I only noticed I could touch my cervix a couple of months ago lol. Sometimes it can be very low and I'd never noticed this before either. I would be really grateful if anyone could give me some answers as I really don't want to go to my doctor. Is it normal? Should I be worried? 

My boyfriend and I are 100% infection free.
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