chch_gal (chch_gal) wrote in vaginapagina,

Heavy periods, tranexamic acid - not working

Hello VP community,

I'm having a love-hate relationship with my uterus at the moment! I'm 26, have two kids (2yrs, 4yrs) and I'm regularly sexually active with my husband (that bit probably doesn't matter LOL!).

My history with hormonal birth control hasn't been good - I'm very sensitive to hormonal changes and tend to get depressed and/or anxious and rather irritated. I got post natal depression after each birth and I'm sure it's to do with hormonal changes.

I chose a copper IUD as contraception because there are no hormones and I dislike condoms. Since having it inserted, my periods have been SUPER heavy. The first couple of periods I was still using tampons. They would soak through and leak within 30mins or so. I would just be stuck at home with a towel in my pants!

I changed to using a menstrual cup because they claim to have a higher capacity. I'm saving a heap of money and I'm glad I changed :D But I'm still having period issues. Today I have changed my 30ml cup FIVE times in 5 hours. My family are out enjoying the day while I'm stuck at home.

My doctor gave me some tranexamic acid and said I can expect a drastic change in my flow. This is the second month of taking it and it doesn't seem to have helped! It's changed my periods a bit, instead of going straight into my heavy days I get two days of light flow before the horrendous flow starts.

Is there somthing out there that's better than tranexamic acid? I'm very reluctant to try the pill again, due to my previous reactions. I am, however, tempted to try a Mirena because I hear the hormone levels are much lower than the pill as it's placed right where the hormones are needed.

I would appreciate any advice!

Thanks heaps
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