Sarah (ridgelines) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnancy on HBC

I read through tags, but I didn't see anything regarding my specific question, but I may not have read far enough back and I feel like crap so I may be skimming.

I was on Seasonique and had my period. Afterwards, I realized I was out of refills for Seasonique and began taking my backup until I could get to my doctor who then switched me to a non estrogen pill. In all this time, it never once dawned on me to take a back up pill because I was switching pills... Until I watched an episode of The Secret Life of an American Teenager (which is the worst to go to for advice but it made me think..)the girl got pregnant after switching her pill. No doctor or pharmacist warned me that could happen, I though it was switching from like the pill to a shot not pill to pill but I guess it'd make sense.

I take mine every night, 8:30 sharp and the last few days I have been sick to my stomach and tired to the point I am sleeping all day. I've chalked it up to a bug for the past 5 days but it really made me wonder if I could have completely dropped the ball. Before I go to the store and pay for a test (as I have no stores too close and absolutely no dollar stores and I feel like absolute crap) can anyone let me know how normal this is? Google says that the hormones should last long enough from the last pill not to make a difference, but I was taking the sugar pills, so I don't know if those have anything at all in them?

Also, I was taking Penicillin which of course I never thought twice about, but now I am wondering if that could counteract with my pill? (edit to add)Yeah, a quick Google search showed I probably dropped the ball with this..

Or does it sound like I am safe, and this could be just a bug? I am so dizzy because I have been throwing everything up I don't want to drive to the store unless pregnancy could even be a possibility.

Another edit - the past 2 times we have had sex, it has been painful for me because it feels like my cervix is abnormally low. We were doing the same position we always do, no change yet its hurting. Should I see a doctor for that?
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