washmapensha (washmapensha) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bacterial Vaginosis & IUD

I love my IUD. I also have a policy of using condoms unless in a monogamous relationship with negative STD tests. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow about what looks like my second incidence of bact vag in three months, and (despite the internet telling me otherwise) I think it might be a reaction to condoms. Before January i was in a fluid-bonded monogamous relationship with no condom use, but since January I've had multiple sex partners (all tested negative initially, and my negative test was in March), so I'm religious about condom use. 

I also read that IUDs can contribute to bact vag by "introducing bacteria into the vagina" but it's been in my cervix for three year so I'm not sure how it's introducing anything. I seem to remember that an iUD can carry bacteria into the uterus causing PID. 

Has anyone else had a similar problem when using condoms? And does this sound like time for the IUD to come out? It's a copper-T and I am not thrilled about only using condoms, or being on hormonal b.c. For the past two years I was also on a low-dose birth control pill to try and control mood swings, but I decided about six months ago that emotional coping skills would be more effective, and they are :)
Any thoughts about birth control? I feel like there's some magic bullet I'm missing.
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