asnapshot (asnapshot) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possibility of being pregnant?

Hi VPers! I had unprotected sex on Friday night (he came inside me). My period is due to start at literally any second now- I've been feeling slightly to moderately crampy since Friday and this is about when it should be starting. My question is, if I don't start my period within the next couple of hours, should I take Plan B? I believe my chances of  being pregnant are low just due to where I am in my cycle.

Also, I was really hoping I would start my period yesterday/today because I want to start on BC this cycle- if I take Plan B and then start my period today anyway, should I wait until next cycle to start BC, or just until next Sunday? I know you can start it in the middle of a cycle, but my doc advised taking it the Sunday after you begin your period (or on Sunday if that's when you begin your period) to minimize spotting, etc. 

Thanks in advance :)
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