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I'm seriously considering Adiana as a form of permanant BC. This is due to the fact that I tried the pill, had horrible side effects and now they wont give me anything with hormones. Barrier methods and spermacides have failed too many times. I'm super fertile. Somethings gotta change. I have a ton of questions and I can't seem to get them answered, so I thought I'd try here. Firstly, I hear Adiana is only 98% effective. I heard the 2% are women who don't go back for the check after the procedure to ensure all is blocked off, but I don't know. Secondly, I can't find anywhere that does the procedure near me (I'm in New Jersey). I'm not sure they would even consider "fixing" me, because I'm 24, but I also have a really bad back and can't carry a pregnancy to term without risking paralyzation. I can't find anyone who's had it done and I also can't find anything really bad about it, besides the 2% failure rate. Scares me that it was only FDA approved in 2009. Does your body reabsorb the eggs now stuck in your tubes? (I would assume it does) ... Also would assume if I were to ever change my mind and want a child, they could do In Virtro, or take my eggs for a surrogate? .... Anyone here have Adiana? Any comments or information would be helpful. Thanks ladies!
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