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Hi VPers!

I would like some help coming up with more positive, casual language to refer to a) female genitalia and b) genitals great and small.

Generally, when I'm talking seriously about bodies I'll use clinical, accurate language (almost aggressively I feel because I don't like that just mentioning genitals is taboo and surrounded by stigma. Yuck. Also, incorrect terminology grates: misusing vagina when vulva is meant), but right now in counselling I'm finding myself using the term "junk" in place of "genitals". I think it's my way of distancing myself because our topics of conversation are very emotive and about trauma. But this word is so negative! It's language synonymous with trash, garbage, things unpleasant, unwanted and useless. How ghastly!

Similarly, i haven't really got language to use with my partner during intimacy. I don't like using clinical language then, like vulva, because it feels.. a bit serious? I want language that's accurate but casual. I think that people come up with so many colloquial terms for genitals is because of internalised social expectations of discomfort, shame, guilt, etc. Nevertheless, i want some language that me and my partner can use that is comfortable and a bit playful and most of all absolutely positive and appreciative.

so VPers, will you help add to my lists? I'll put down the really common ones...or what i can think of right now >.>

Female genitalia:
-snatch (i love bloodsnatch during my period! :P)
-pussy (which i find too distasteful and therefore distracting)

All Genitals great and small:
ummmmm... i can think of things like "bits", "stuff", "down there", and i like none of that. To me it's erasing and minimising body parts that should be acknowledged and appreciated.

Thanks VP
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