justforapicture (justforapicture) wrote in vaginapagina,

Polyps fibroids and tissue oh my!

I've been posting on here about painful sex, abdominal cramps/weakness, and no answers from my doctors. A year ago, my NP suggested a hysteroscopy due to what looked like polyps in my ultrasound. The dr performing hr hysteroscopy doubted polyps, did a repeat ultrasound before the procedure and had no reason to believe I had polyps. Yesterday I went in for a sonohysterogram with the same dr. She did a routine transvag ultrasound and noticed ommediately that I have some type of polyps or tissue. She is scheduling me for surgery and seemed to feel extremely terrible that a 20 year old girl has this issue. She said she will get meninto surgery this month but couldn't say what the things she saw on the ultrasound were. So basically, I was wondering, is there a big visual difference on te ultrasound between polyps and fibroids? I have the heavy irregular bleeding of both by have cramps and painful intercourse, leading Me to believe it's fibroids. Is it just something they can't tell me until I get there and into surgery? My uterine lining was very irregular. Not smooth at all. I wish I could type more consistently but I'm on an iPod touch. Any help is appreciated!!!
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