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experience with in-clinic abortion, no sedation


hello vp-ers!
I thought I would post this, because I thought It might help someone going through a similar situation. I wasnt able to find many personal experience stories of in clinic abortions without the use of sedatives or anesthesia, and  I thought this might be comforting to some.

First off, I'd like to note that I have a relatively high pain tolerance, and this decision was not particularly emotional for me.  I also live in the united states.

I had decided to get the abortion with no sedation because I didnt have anyone to give me a ride the two hours back to my home.
My appointment was for 11 this morning, and I was told to eat a small easy to digest breakfast. I arrived at the clinic, filled out some paperwork (mainly medical information and privacy policies) then was taken into a room for an ultrasound. Everyone who assisted me today was very comforting and friendly, and made my experience much better. After the ultrasound, where they had given me options about seeing or hearing about the ultrasound, I was taken into another room where I discussed my medical history and birth control options, and my feelings about my decision about the procedure. They asked if i had any questions or concerns and made sure that I knew the procedure would be more uncomfortable without the sedation.

I was then taken into a smaller internal waiting room, where I waited until they called me into another nurses station to take blood pressure and some blood tests to see if I was anemic or rh -. This is where other patients had the IV for their sedation inserted.

I waited in the waiting room a short while longer, before I was taken into yet another room for the procedure. I asked for a moment alone so that I could relax a little before the procedure, they happily agreed and gave me some time which I think helped.

There was a doctor and a nurse who came in and went over the procedure with me again, they assured me that it would not take very long and that I would feel cramping. They did not use anesthesia on my cervix like I thought they would but it was not painful. the whole procedure took about 5 minutes, and while definitely uncomfortable It was not as painful as I had thought it would be. perhaps a 5 on a scale to ten. The nurse offered to hold my hand, and talked me through everything. I was then left alone with the nurse, who I gave permission to stay, and got dressed.

Afterwards I was taken into recovery where they had comfortable chairs with heating pads, where I sat for about 15 minutes. I was monitored very closely during this time and the nurses made sure I was comfortable. After I had checked my bleeding and was given discharge instructions, a nurse made sure I felt okay before walking me out to my vehicle.

Its been 7 hours since the procedure and I have light bleeding and very little cramping.

My first abortion I had the sedation, and very honestly I feel that having it done without the sedation was much more comfortable for myself. i feel like I have been able to recover much more quickly. It made me feel better being awake for the procedure also.

I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone has as well :)
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