dave (thedorkygirl) wrote in vaginapagina,

what are the differences between Previfem & Sprintec?

After almost 3 years on Loestrin-24, I switched to a higher dose pill (I was spotting way too much!). I was put on Sprintec by my doctor & got my first three scripts filled at my local pharamcy. My insurance demands I use their mail-order services, but when I received my first pack, I was surprised that it was Previfem instead!

It's been three months on Previfem & I hate it - I'm so moody and emotional (I've never ever been this down before in my life). I figured out that even if my insurance isn't covering my prescription, I'll still only pay $8 for Sprintec, so back to that I'll go after talking to my doctor next week.

WHAT is the difference between Previfem & Sprintec? Are they the generic for the same brand name? If that's so, why would I have such a bad reaction to Previfem when I really fell in love with Sprintec?

I'm really, really hating Previfem & wish to stop it immediately, but my gyno appointment is next Thursday & in case they want to give me a pap, I don't want to take the chance of a withdrawal bleed. Bother :(
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