. (seventh_string) wrote in vaginapagina,

Skipped placebo week, still got period?

I decided to skip my period that was set to happen during the last week of May, so I skipped my placebo week on the pill (Yasmin) and contined straight to my June pack. Despite this, I got my period yesterday and am currently still taking my pill every day. Is this normal/should I concerned?

Some things to consider:
- I am currently on holiday (why I decided to skip in the first place).
- There is a six hour time difference so instead of taking my pill at 4 PM (my normal time) I have been taking it at 10 PM (which is 4 PM my normal time).
- My diet has been extremely different than what I am used to for the last two weeks (not sure if this is relevant).
- I have skipped my period before with no problems, didn't even spot...
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