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no period after stopping pill?

So im having a problem with my periods lately. I've always been extremely regular even after having my baby. I missed some bc pills and then one day just stopped. I would forget to take it or not take it at the same time every day. I decided I wanted to get the iud which I still want. But im confused. I got my period like 2 weeks before I was due. It was a normal period. Then I counted from that day to figure out my next period. From that day I am now a week late. I have no idea when my period will return and its freakin me out. I don't think I could be pregnant because o haven't had sex in a while or around that time frame. All I can think of is its because I took the pill very sporadic and then stopped it suddenly. Do you think that's what it is? I will call my doctor if it doesn't come back soon but I was just wondering if anyone experienced this. Thanks.
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