Purple Solle (purple_solle) wrote in vaginapagina,
Purple Solle

Essure AND hormonal birth control pill?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently on HBC (Microgynon 30 pill) for debilitating menstrual pain. If I don't take my pills, I'm literally unable to walk for one or two days every month. I've been on HBC for about two years now, and the pain has gradually decreased - and for the past three months, I've finally been able to go through the first day of my period without having to take a long "crying break". I would say that I literally depend on HBC to live a normal life and hold down a job. I need to be able to control on which exact day my period starts, and I need to be able to skip periods if something important comes up or if I have to travel.

At the same time, though, I've decided that I want to get sterilized, both for emotional and physical reasons. I think Essure would be the safest and most interesting method for me.

So, my question... is it possible / medically advisible to continue using HBC after getting the Essure procedure done? Are there any risks to continuing HBC?

Thanks in advance!

(Also, I'm currently on my period, and suffering from a YI and serious crotch acne. I'd... I'd like a hug, please.)

ETA: Thanks for the replies! I've read some more stories about Essure and at this point, I think I'll look at some more sterilization options before coming to a final decision. It's great to know that I can combine HBC with non-hormonal sterilization. :)
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