classified (alafaye) wrote in vaginapagina,

Growth Spurt/Changing Body Chemistry in 20s?

I've looked through the tags and have not been able to find this answer. My sister was told by her doctors that women go through growth spurts in their 20s and I'm wondering if the growth spurt--or any change a women goes through in her 20s, I'm not sure at this point if women do, either have a chemical/hormonal change and/or a growth spurt--can affect the period? Up until the last few months, my period has been regular, on schedule, predictable. Now, it's changing. I'm in less stress than I was last year and because of a diet change, am taking iron regularly.

Should I not be worried--will my period even out after this change--or should I consult my doc (because there is no reason that my period is changing)?
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