io2012 (io2012) wrote in vaginapagina,

What CAUSES ovarian cysts?

So I know the basics of how a hemorrhagic cyst forms on an ovary (a regular enlarged follicle releases an egg, and instead of shrinking back down to become part of the ovary, the sac just fills with blood), but what CAUSES this to happen more in some women than others? 

I've just been diagnosed with my 2nd hemorrhagic ovarian cyst in 3 months. It's on the same ovary as it was last time, so I'm wondering if there could be something structural? I'm starting HBC again (which I did not want to do) to try to prevent ovulation, which will hopefully prevent these from forming in the future....although my reproductive endocrinologist said it's not a guarantee. Is there anything else I can do to keep them from coming back? They are PAINFUL and limit my ability to enjoy daily life (exercise, PIV sex, constantly living with cramping/pain...).
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