prince_rini (prince_rini) wrote in vaginapagina,

Anxiety during sex

Hey there,

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and our relationship is wonderful. We've had plenty of of fun, sexy times. However,  I sometimes feel anxious during sex, mainly because I'm worried that I won't reach orgasm.  I  usually don't have any problems achieving orgasm when I masturbate alone, but sometimes I find that it is difficult to orgasm with my boyfriend. I usually feel sexually aroused for the first few minutes of sexual activity, but  I lack the sexual stamina that my boyfriend has. Also, I've noticed that if I feel depressed, it's almost impossible for me to orgasm around him. If I'm not aroused during the entirety of sex or if I'm unable to orgasm, I feel very guilty because I think that I disappointed my boyfriend.I wonder if my problems achieving orgasm around my boyfriend is purely psychological or might also stem from low libido. Has anyone else has had problems with performance anxiety?

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