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Summer without period

I want to skip my period this summer (June-August).  Inevitable groin/pelvic sweat and wetness already makes me feel gross and I don't really want to add my period to that.  Summer Heat + Period= Me being miserable.  Plus, I don't want to plan my summer vacations around them.  

I take the pill (sprintec if that matters) and I'm into my second week of using it since the end of my last period (I got my period the week of May 12th).  I've been taking the pill since March because prior, the first few days were so painful I could barely move.  Since the pill the pain has lessened considerably.  I plan on stacking my pills and I was just wondering if there was a proper way to do this.  Just skip the placebos and take the regulars in its place?  I know I will probably have spotting, but anything else I should expect?

I do plan on going back to my regular monthly schedule again starting in september.

As always, any and all information is very much appreciated.
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