combeefly (combeefly) wrote in vaginapagina,

Reoccurring Yeast Infection

I recently posted awhile back about a yeast infection that I had for the second time in a row. It seemed to go away with treatment but I've had two yeast infections since (I'm currently dealing with the most recent one right now). I've been to the doctor each time I've had an infection and gotten a prescription for diflucan or a vaginal cream, I've even taken them in conjunction with medication for bv.

I have an appointment this week with my obgyn since my gp hasn't been much help in figuring out why I've been having reoccurring infections - she says that the chances of my partner giving it back are slim and we've been using condoms on the rare occasion I'm not treating over a weekend when we visit. I'm also not pregnant, don't have diabetes or a thyroid problem. I've always worn tighter pants and never had an issue, etc. The only new changes in my life were a prescription for a low dose beta blocker and the use of silicon lube instead of water based (which I've heard is supposed to be better in prevent yeast infections!)

I'm wondering if any ladies here have had reoccurring yeast infections over the course of several months, if they got help, what eventually worked and what was the root cause for re occurrence?
I know everyone's bodies are different but I'm curious if anyone had had the same issue and knowing that it was cured for them would ease my growing anxiety about the situation.

Thank you!
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