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Flying for the first time

I'm flying from Alabama to Illinois, ridiculously early, Monday morning.

No matter how much reasoning and reading I seem to do, I'm still getting really nervous about going through airport security.  On my person, I have a tongue piercing and relatively-new nipple piercings.  In my carry-on, I will have a regular vibrator, a strap-on and harness, and my beast of a Hitachi Wand.

Needless to say, I'm more scared that I would have been, just flying with a shit-load of stuffed animals in my bag and bra.

From what I understand, I am not sporting enough body jewelery, to set off the alarms.  According to a friend, she had passed through the checks without ever getting in trouble, with her nose, nipples, navel, and ears pierced.  She only was caught and examined while sporting seven to eight piercings in her genital area, and the officer explained to her how the machine scans for potential threats. 

So, theoretically, I can pass through fine, right?

On the topic of my multiple sex toys, should I get shit over them?  I'm pretty nervous in public settings, and I plan to put duct-tape / post-it notes on every single one, proclaiming, "I'm a sex toy :D", just for shits.  I don't know how well the humor may or may not go over, but I'm not thrilled with some stranger holding my devices. 

Jokes aside, is there any chance that any of my sex toys will be taken away?  I spent nearly $50 of my graduation money on that strap-on, making my bundle equal roughly over $100 dollars.  I expect to get to my destination with $100 worth the sexual opportunity.

Some reassurance or enlightenment would be appreciated.
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