sumrandomnutt (sumrandomnutt) wrote in vaginapagina,

What's wrong NOW?

So, I /think/ my ongoing chlamydia issues have finally been resolved.

I started having "pain" again, in the same spot (lower-left-side abdomen) as the pain that was my first symptom of infection. However, this is definitely not the kind of pain from before, which made me want to curl up and die like menstrual cramps from hell. It's more like an uncomfortable pressure. It's an intermittent issue, and I've noticed that it typically subsides after I pee, so perhaps a bladder infection/UTI? I've also been waking up once at night to pee, which I usually never do. (I haven't really noticed the frequency increase during the day, though.)

In addition to that I've noticed that my discharge lately is super...acidic, or something? Vinegary sometimes, almost. I thought for a while (mostly due to painful penetration) that I had a mild yeast infection from the two rounds of antibiotics I took to clear up the chlamydia...but the symptoms don't seem to fit.

I really dread (and can't well afford) going to the doctor, but if somehow the infection is still hanging around I know I'm gonna have to. :/ I wanted to ask you lovely people for your opinions, because you all know much more than me!

As always, lots of thanks!
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