sofriggencoolx (sofriggencoolx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Since I apparently have a whole bunch of fun medical issues and I'm hoping theyre related, Im posting here yet again to hopefully give myself some peace of mind.

First; For those that spot during ovulation: does it happen all the time? or could it just happen once.

Basically super long story of whatevers wrong with me. I've been having an allergic reaction for the past two weeks on and off and hiving like crazy. On about Tuesday I started having brown discharge, similiar to when I usually start my period. Now My periods not due til the 6th (which is convenienly also my birthday) and according to my calculations, thanks to someone's suggestion I realized I should be ovulating. Also starting on Tuesday my breasts suddenly became REALLY REALLY itchy, but there is no hiving there and I have absolutly no idea what could be causing this. I am most likely not pregnant because the one or two times I've had sex in the past month were with condoms and my partner's pretty much infertile. Still Im freaking myself out over this so does anyone have any ideas?
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