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Growth in vagina


For the past week I've been feeling a growing protrusion in my vagina. It appears to be my cervix, since that's its location and I feel a small opening in it. However it has now grown from a small, hard bump to 5cm long and 3cm across, and I come across it when I insert two knuckles in. I think the best analogy to what I imagine it to look like is an uvula, but solid.

I know the cervix can descend depending on the time of month, but it has always been unnoticeable before. I had a yeast infection prior to this starting and was inserting boric acid capsules right up to the day I noticed it (8 days of treatment). I then stopped the capsules, but it has continued to grow and today (exactly a week after stopping treatment) my infection came back, so I am hesitant whether or not to continue with the boric acid. I also started the birth control pill and this is my third pack. My "period" ended just about the time I felt the growth.

Can anyone give me any information as to what my cervix is doing and why? It doesn't hurt, even when I touch it, and there is no discharge (apart from today's yeast). Thank you!
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