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BV? Probably not?

Hello party people!

I have a question about possible BV. It's probably nothing but I sometimes need a bit of reassurance.

Last night I had PIV sex with my man. I wasn't that turned on, and I felt a little bit of discomfort probably due to not being super wet (hey, it can't be mind-blowing every time, right?). Afterwards we both went into the bathroom and while we were in there, we were like, "sick what's that smell?" It smelled really FISHY, which made me scared it was my vagina.

Now, we had oral sex before PIV, and my partner did not notice any bad smells. I smelled toilet paper after wiping and didn't smell anything in particular. Then once we went back into the bedroom neither of us smelled anything, and I wasn't wearing any pants or underwear.

I haven't had any discharge, and in fact, have maybe been a little drier than normal the last few days. In case this matters, I had an IUD inserted about 6-7 weeks ago without problems. I thought I'd be getting my period last week but it still hasn't come (not that abnormal for me, as I typically have looooooong cycles)

Is this anything other than a bathroom that needs to be cleaned?

Thanks for your help!
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