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Let your doctor know.....

I thought it would be very educational to see responses to this: mods, if it's out of line, please delete it!

So a lot of us come to this community for the same reason: Our medical providers are either unavailable (whether because of scheduling or financial reasons) or incompetent (and we are getting a pretty good 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinion).

I've posted in the past about the incompetence issue: I've had a medical doctor quote me incorrect lab results that they "thought they remembered, but couldn't find the paper for." I've been left in the emergency room for 4 straight hours in 9/10 pain without any assistance, and I've been begrudgingly given an internal with the statement "Well this is just a waste of time, but I suppose we'll poke around." 

In situations like those, women especially need to realize that medical doctors are not all-knowing deities, and act as boldly as they can to be sure they get appropriate care.

However, I've also had the opposite situation: I went to the emergency room, and was seen by a kind, polite nurse who gave me pain medication right away, and even started an IV drip of saline since i told her I hadn't had anything to drink in 10 hours. Moments later, a medical doctor gave me a gentle internal exam while allowing my partner to hold my hand, and called down to the imaging department to ask the ultrasonographer to stay just a few minutes late and check me out. Everyone was taking me seriously and explaining things to me as if I were an adult. ;-) 

I am in the medical profession (not a medical doctor) and I know better than most people what kind of idiots can show up in this field: both medical providers AND patients. 

So I try to make it a rule, when  medical provider goes above and beyond, I thank them. If it was really outstanding, I send a letter to their superior. If it fell far below the bar of acceptability, I make complaints about that too. For everyone here with vulva-related woes - what was your best medical experience? Your worst? How did you communicate your feelings about it? 
(As always, cut triggering content.)
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