jaggedtea (jaggedtea) wrote in vaginapagina,

period being weird.

 hey all. I was wondering if this or something similar has happened to any of you before:
My period is late, and I was worried because I had unprotected sex earlier this month. 

But then some signs that my period was coming happened, such as: discharge from ovulation, and my breasts being swollen and nipples being tender. So then I just figured ''it'll come'' but now it is several days late. I took a pregnancy test last night, and it came out negative. 
Now I'm confused and slightly annoyed. 
I figure that in a week if it still doesn't come, I'll take another test just to be sure, but this has me all hot and bothered because my periods are usually never ever late, and the premenstrual symptoms don't last more than a day or two. 
Has anyone experienced anything similar? 
Should I drink parsley tea to make it come...?
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