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Acupuncture and cramps/nausia

Just wanted to share my account:

Yesterday, I woke up first day of my period and feeling pretty rotten (I sort of started the evening before, but wasn't quite feeling it yet.)  I felt nausious worse than my normal day 1 and was having a hard time getting around.  I had outrageous cramps, worse than I've had in months.  Needed something in my stomach, so I went with some fruit juice.  I took a hot shower to try to lessen the cramps, but the nausea got worse.  Laid in bed for a few minutes before I lost the juice.  I ended up throwing up about 3 or 4 more times.  I've had cramps and what not make me sick before, but never this bad.  I had to speak on a panel at a conference in a couple hours, and didn't think I'd make it.  I went, but had to leave the event early due to worsening cramps and nausea.

I've been treated with acupuncture for cramps on a preventative basis, and it's been successful, but this month I wasn't able to make it in as regularly.  I left the conference and called my doctor as was able to get in almost at once.  Throughout the acupuncture treatment, I was pretty miserable because I just wanted to curl up in the fetal position but couldn't due to needles in my belly.  But, almost immediately, the nausea went away.  I still had cramps throughout the actual treatment (laying on a table for about 45 minutes with the needles in).  But within an hour after the treatment, the cramps and back ache were gone.  I was able to eat dinner that evening.  I felt pretty exhausted and went to bed early, but no nausea or cramps.  It seemed like my flow had lessened a lot, too.

Today I woke up and felt fine.  The past 6+ months I've had cramps into day 2 or 3, and today was nothing.  My flow seems a little lighter for day 2, as well.  I'll update whether my period lasts longer than normal due to the lightened flow.

I'll also mention that I've had an exceptionally stressful month and that my doctor said that had a lot to do with the intensity of my cramps.  But, if conventional methods don't work for your cramps, I'd suggest giving acupuncture a try.

Summary is that I had really bad CD1 cramps with extreme nausea and after one treatment of acupuncture, the cramps and nausea were gone.  Also, acupuncture is really great for treating nausea related to pregnancy and chemotherapy, just as a side note.
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