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Weird itchy sensation =(

Just last Thursday/Friday I noticed this itching right near the bottom/entrance of my labia minora (and sometimes it migrates up and down the entire inner labia). This itching kind of came on immediately after having sex that Fri. **I have only had someone cum inside me a few times in my sex life, but if you guys know how it is when the cum is inside you and it kinda makes itchy/uncomfortable down there for a brief bit (I'm gonna be really scared if no one else experiences this lol)? It was almost like internal itching and I'd literally have to scratch inside my cooter sometimes. It actually reminds me of a tickle you get in the back of your throat sometimes. It's a very uncomfortable itching sensation, but I don't think it's not like an itching you'd get if you had crabs (just assuming it would be more furious, harder to ignore). I'm very, very trim down there, so I don't think it's just a case of itchy, bushy pubes or w/e. Also, this itchy sensation came right after my period ended and when I had sex (on Friday), it felt painful/dry/tight/etc during sex and then the itching followed immediately after. Sometimes, sex is a little painful right after my period, but it never itched like this before....

There are no signs of bumps, no unusual redness/sore looking ness. Everything actually looks fine. No odor or abnormal discharge... It just feels like it's irritated.

I searched as best as I could on VP and this was the closest post that I could find that seems identical to my problem.

However, I haven't gotten tested yet. I'm thinking about doing that this week when I get the chance because the itching sensation has not gone away. I've tried the apl vingegar wash thing and that helped one day, but then it came back =\ I'm going to keep doing it in the mean time, but could this be more than a potential yeast infection? I haven't had a YI since I was like 6 y/o...that was my only one, so I can't remember how Y.I. usually feel.

I see one of the causes of E.Y.I. can be wearing damp clothes and I did lazily sit in a towel after showering a few times last week =\ Any other advice would be much appreciated.
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