Andrea (jodete) wrote in vaginapagina,

Unusually light period

So my latest period is definitely not normal. Usually it starts out light for about 5 hours, and then goes straight into heavy flow complete with cramping. This one started three days ago, and has been unusually light, and sometimes stops completely. Today has been the first day I've even had to wear a tampon, and even then, it's still much lighter than it should be, and I'm not cramping at all. This is so not normal for me, the timing of my period is often off, but it's always had predictable bleeding patterns.

I'm a bit nervous because I had unprotected sex a few months ago...I took Plan B, and my period after that was a bit light, but the one after that was perfectly normal...this is the third one since then, and I'm slightly worried. I feel fine otherwise, I'm just a bit nervous about how light this period is, especially since it's never done this before. Has anyone else had this problem?
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