Brigitte Fires (brigittefires) wrote in vaginapagina,
Brigitte Fires

Severe Cramps, spotting

I feel silly posting this. I don't think there's anything you can do for me and I don't know what I even want to ask. I just don't have insurance and I don't know whether to be scared.

I have had my Mirena IUD for just 2 years now. No regular period since I got it, though I have had a couple that were doozies in the last year. Diagnosed with endometriosis (not surgically, just through symptom review, so I guess that's not an "official" diagnosis, but the growths are palpable and visible on an ultrasound, so...)

Saturday morning I woke up at 7am (after being asleep for 4 hours) and was CON.STI.PATED. I've never been what you might call "regular" regardless of fluid or fiber intake, but this is one of my worst bouts of constipation ever. I swear I didn't "strain" though I did bear down a bit--somewhat involuntarily--and after about 5 hours of up-and-down and dozing between bouts, I managed to pass quite a bit of stool. As my roommate would say, at least 10 Barbies.

The thing is, the last time was the easiest but THAT time the bleeding showed up. Enough to make me think it wasn't vaginal blood for a second, but a quick TP check showed the blood was vaginal, not anal (THANK HEAVENS). That's when the cramps started. Make-you-vomit, tunnel-vision, oh-gods-should-someone-call-an-ambulance kind of cramps, like I had with my periods before I got my IUD. I took some Tylonel and a muscle relaxer (prescribed in part for this purpose), a hot shower, and a cuddlenap with the boyfriend made things better. I tried to check my IUD strings in the shower but my cervix is apparently too far up right now.

My boyfriend eventually had to go to work, I laid in bed for hours and finally got up long enough to get the soup from the delivery guy. The cramping died to a dull roar, and there it sits through today. The spotting has tapered off a bit, the cramps are more dull than sharp stabbing pains, so whatever happened seems to be done... but I still can't reach enough to find my strings. Since I don't have insurance I can't just duck into a doctor and get an ultrasound to check the placement, which is what I would recommend to someone in my position. Now that the cramps have died down I want to ask my boyfriend to check for strings, but it's been 2 years and I want to say I got them trimmed pretty closely last year--he wouldn't have any idea what he was feeling for, even if they're there. So I have to wait for my cervix to drop some.

I just need some peace of mind. My reproductive system has been the bane and near-focus of my existence since I was 11 years old, and at 27 I'm sick and tired of it. The IUD has made things better to be sure, but it also adds an extra layer of complication that I can't always manage alone. Any suggestions for what to watch for? I don't mind taking a "wait and see" attitude with this, but if it dies down is it because my IUD expelled? Or just because my bowels are not all blocked up anymore and pressing on it?
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