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Decreased sex drive?

Okay, so, a bit of background on me. I am a heterosexual female, and I've always had a pretty active/healthy sex drive. As soon as I hit puberty (and even before then), sex was never far from my mind. I began masturbating at a young age, I did a lot of self-exploration, and a lot of accidental exploration with friends (accidental only because determine what turned me on was not the intention 8D). When making out with guys, I got pretty heated up pretty quickly, never had any issues with getting lubricated. I lost my virginity last July to my boyfriend at the time, and I never had any problems feeling turned on or excited around/by him. We broke up at the end of January, and towards the end of February I began seeing a new guy, who is my boyfriend now. I find him very attractive, the communication between us is everything I ever wanted from a boyfriend, we have fun exploring with sex. However, even with lots of foreplay I just don't ... feel turned on? Like, the desire for sex is there (it's pretty much always there when I think about him -- I love sex, and I love sex with him), but I just don't feel the hot and bothered feelings I had experienced with other guys. So, does this really count as a decreased sex drive or what? Do you have any suggestions for getting back that feeling? I'm wondering if it has anything to do with being on HBC when I was with my last boyfriend and then stopping shortly before we broke up. Could that have an effect? Thanks in advance for any suggestions/information. :)
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