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Brazillian waxing questions

Looked at the tags and through the search function but didn't see *all* my questions answered so I figured I'd give it a go.  Please forgive me if I messed up looking for past advice and/or point me in the right direction.

I've never had anything waxed before (ok, I do my eyebrows at home, but don't think that counts...) but I loooove being completely bare. I always have loved the bare feeling since I can remember before I even knew there were any stigmas one way or another about pubic hair. I shave everything off even when I don't have a partner; I just like the feeling a lot better. I even try growing it out sometimes cause I have lovely red hair and I think a red bush would be so beautiful, but I just can't handle the feel of very much hair down there and I must confess I'm a little envious of girls who grow theirs out, haha!  If mine gets longer than about 1/4" I start going a bit batty.  But I hate how lovely it feels the first night/day but how painful it is for the following few days especially if there are sexy times involved.  I've been saving up and will be going on my first adult vacation (yay for me!) Between 13th - 19th of June for my birthday (which is actually on the 9th).  I'm seriously considering getting a complete Brazilian as I'll be taking a 'special friend' with me and there will be LOTS of sexing and I'd love to not have to be careful for two days after or deal with stubble or lots of ingrown hairs etc.  Then I got to thinking hmm, maybe I'd get my legs done too just to not have to death with shaving that either.  So here are my questions, lovely superstars:

1) I'd love to have my wax last from my birthday through the 19th when the trip will be over.  Is 10 days too much to ask for a brazilian to last?  How long do yours typically take to grow in? what about for your legs? I realize everyone's different so I'd love to get an average of sorts.  After shaving completely down I notice it typically takes about 7-9 days to get to about 1/4".  Not sure if that offers any indication for how fast mine would grow in.

2) Is it a totally terrible idea for me to get both legs and a Brazilian done at the same time if I've never had either before?  I plan on taking Ib profun before if I decide to take the plunge, but will it be too much of a 'shock' do you think?  I tend to be a pretty pain tolerant person, but maybe it's a bit much?

3) How long does it normally take you to 'recover' after a wax before you can enjoy the sexing?

4) Seems like I've heard about decent levels of hair being left after a waxing.  I plan on going to a reputable place in my area (Portland, OR) but should I not have unreasonable expectations of being totally bare? 

Any other points of advice?  I don't think I'll be too shy or worry about anything; I'm a big TMI gal and just don't have very many qualms about my body or things of that nature so I don't have to worry about that, thank goodness.

Thanks, lovelies!
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